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Northwest Combatives LogoNorthwest Combatives - Coeure d'Alene, ID


Northwest Combatives started as a way to teach  combat on multiple platforms and offer training for civilian self defense, Law Enforcement / Military Combatives, basic and advanced concealed carry and combat firearms courses, combat Jiu Jitsu as well as all the regular classes the Iron Lion Academy.


Additional offerings in the best self defense instructors and programs in the Northwest for both armed, unarmed and integrated! Courses for civilians and law enforcement.


Their goal was to create a friendly log and web based platform which would welcome civilians, military and law enforcement professionals. With that goal in mind, Northwest Combatives also wanted to offer online merch and book academy training. Starting with an idea and a sketch of their logo, we were able to help them design the final product including their website. 


Northwest Combatives logo sketch idea and final logo design.

Logo Variations prior to final draft.