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SEO - Search Engine Optimization, Back to Basics

There is no doubt that optimizing for search engines will enhance the way your page appears on SERP's. While there are many factors that go into search engine optimization, the content of your website has never been more important. Since search engines are robots they only read text to discover the content of your site. When people search using their own keywords or key phrases, your website is then presented by the search engines as it should be the most relevant to the person that is searching.

The question that is commonly asked is, "Why doesn't my page

Your Online Business Info Can Be Affecting Your SEO.


Today we don't think much about how we manage our online presence. You've got a website and you think you're all set. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Driving local business is the most important piece of the pie. 
Monitoring your online listing and reviews allows you to engage customer while keeping all your business information synchronized across the board. Missed opportunities come from invalid phone numbers our any other outdated content.